For the families and friends of those 
who have died by violence

MARCH Support Meeting
Wednesday, March 13 - 7:30pm

Zion Lutheran Church
222 N. East Street
Anaheim, CA  92805​

Whether your grief is brand new or you have been surviving the heartache of losing a loved one to murder for awhile, join us at this month's meeting.
We are a volunteer-run group made up of families and friends who have lost someone we love due to violence.  There is no judging here.  And if you don't feel like talking, that's alright - we'll be here for you when you're ready.  Just being with others who understand your pain and grief is a comfort and you are not alone.


We would like to acknowledge and thank our members, our friends
in the community and the businesses who generously contributed
in many ways to make certain of the success of this program.

Brea Police Department –Traffic
Memory Garden Memorial Park - Eric Sword & Staff
Chaplain Brad Stetson – Always a Friend
Thrivent Action Team (Nancy Aguilar)
Waymakers (formerly CSP) Victim Assistance Program - 
Director, Lita Mercado & All Advocates
Pip Printing, Santa Fe Springs
 An’Nisa Mansour – Names Reading
M’s Flowers
Jerry & Jennifer Lundy – Sound and Audio
Veronica Herrera and Cal State Fullerton Students

We are also so very fortunate and grateful for a wonderful group
of friends and family members who unselfishly step up to help and
volunteer behind the scenes wherever there is a need.

Our heartfelt appreciation to you for Donating In Loving Memory Of:
Jesse Aguilar
Lanette Alvarado
Jonathan Dizon
David G. Foster
Angela Hill
Mary Lewis and Lester Lewis
Matthew Maldonado
Sgt. Jan & Quiana Pietrzak
Brittany Lynn Rethorn-Riggs
Stephen M. Sanchez
Cathy Tameny
Richie II & Michael Tapia
Savannah Walker
All Of Our Loved Ones

In past years, a committee has been formed annually, especially for this event. In asking about this year’s committee, I found that it, very simply, was our Board. Along with their other Chapter responsibilities, our Board handled everything this year themselves; from the planning and organizing, getting speakers
and guests and the vocalist, flowers, sound and audio, refreshments, the beautiful doves and just the logistics of getting chairs canopies, booths and displays set-up and taken down. Our Board was “the committee” right down to the candles and take-a-way bags, the red and black bows we all wore and the day after thank you notes to special participants. As you can see, a great deal of hard work, commitment and care (and gifted monies) went into this very special remembrance event for us! Please let me encourage all members to consider your own talents, your own available time and by all means, your own energy for next year’s event. Let’s make every effort to JOIN THE COMMITTEE for the 2019 Candlelight Vigil and Names Dedication Ceremony.  Of course each of us can only do what is within our capabilities but I sincerely hope that we can each participate in Chapter fundraisers and projects to ensure the next new families to dedicate their loved one’s names can feel the same love, hope and support that we
derive from our POMC Chapter. 

Our annual Candlelight Vigil and Names Dedication Ceremony will be on

April 14, 2019

For information about adding your loved one's name to our monument, click on the 'Candlelight Vigil' tab, or contact us at
2019 National Conference
is coming to

 Denver, Colorado
August 8-11, 2019

Click here for more information.